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It’s just a cold, right?

It’s 40 degrees and raining on Monday. Then you wake up to sunshine and a crisp 18 degrees on Tuesday … just in time for 32 degrees and six inches of snow by the weekend.

No wonder sniffles, sneezes and tissues take over our lives throughout the winter months. We’ve all been there, right?

But what’s it like to battle the common cold on top of a chronic illness and how do you overcome the additional issues? Mango Health asked us to address this question in a guest post on its blog, and here is the link to our essay where we discuss six helpful strategies for making it through cold season with a chronic condition:

What To Do When the Common Cold Overshadows Your Chronic Illness

Check it out and let us know what worked for you or if there is anything you would add to this list.

Realize your awesomeness in 2017

Happy New Year! Um, yes true, it was new a few weeks ago, but nevertheless, all the best to you in 2017! May this year bring you happiness, joy and good health. These good wishes remind me of a New Year conversation Dan and I recently had. We were discussing our resolutions and he asked,…Continue Reading

Weighing in on MS and obesity research

By now you may have read a news article or two focused on the relationship between obesity and Multiple Sclerosis. Articles with ominous headlines like: “New Study Provides More Evidence That Obesity Increases Risk for Developing MS” “Obesity Epidemic May Contribute To Multiple Sclerosis; Increases Risk By 40%.” Articles like these show the growing body…Continue Reading


Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! As the shopping season, or should that say Christmas season, begins today I thought this link would give you some great gift buying suggestions for anyone in your life, whether or not the person you are shopping for has Multiple Sclerosis. Happy gift hunting  🙂 Speaking of gifts,…Continue Reading