Realize your awesomeness in 2017

Happy New Year!
Um, yes true, it was new a few weeks ago, but nevertheless, all the best to you in 2017! May this year bring you happiness, joy and good health.
These good wishes remind me of a New Year conversation Dan and I recently had. We were discussing our resolutions and he asked, “Can you imagine how awesome we could be if we tried just a little harder?”
Honestly, he wasn’t saying that we are lazy or anything. After all, we have stayed pretty busy. We continue writing, in December, we shared some of our thoughts about Love, Marriage, and MS for Healthline and recently wrote an essay about the power of music for Mango Health. We also continue to stay active with our church and MS community. Plus, I can’t forget Dan’s full-time job at Central Michigan University.
But somehow that question keeps coming back to me: “Can you imagine how awesome we could be if we tried just a little harder?”
I really have been giving that a lot of thought, maybe there is a shred of truth in the idea that if we tried harder, we could be even more awesome.
I wonder if we cut ourselves slack because we are living with Multiple Sclerosis. Is that our excuse for taking it easy on a tough day? And if it is, should it be? Because isn’t most everyone going through something? Or dealing with some condition? That’s life, and I’m not trying to be cold.
In reality, we are doing well; imagine what we could accomplish if we put in a concerted effort?
From the little things like enjoying more quality family time and getting more rest, to the biggies like actually following that healthy diet and moving more, you may have more control than you realize. There’s that old adage, the world is your oyster. In other words, you are in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that life has to offer.
So I in 2017, I am going to control and realize my awesomeness. Who’s with me?

6 Responses to Realize your awesomeness in 2017

  1. Excellent thoughts!
    I often wish I could do more to lighten the load on my wife & family. Is MS to blame? Yeah, suppose so but I try not to make it my excuse (not always!).
    Here’s to a better, more productive 2017.

    • As always, it’s great to hear from you, Doug! Thanks for your comments, and we know you understand. Indeed, here’s to a phenomenal 2017. For real, we have got to get to Ohio soon 🙂

  2. Great to see such a positive outlook as a couple! !! I was diagnosed in 2012 and met my partner in 2013. He was diagnosed in 2008. Our relationship has improved with time and laughter. We LAUGH alot !!!! So many times we wish we had been filming, especially the time he tried to rescue me on the ice drive way and he ended up on his back as well. Anyone who drove by our place, would of seen 2 crazy people, on their backs like a pair of turtles, laughing. Now, we always make sure that at least one of us, has a phone in our pockets at all times. Joe’s MS has progressed to Progressive and he now rides a scooter and I was approved for one, which will be arriving in March.

    • Thanks for checking in, Caroline, and thank you for sharing your story! Sounds like you and Joe have a great relationship. It also sounds like you both would be fun to hang out with. Maybe send us a message about where you live and we can see if we can connect.

      Keep up that positive spirit. Jennifer and I wish you all the best.

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