This year, make you your top priority

Looking at the calendar, Jennifer and I saw that we are two weeks into the new year. Two weeks already!

Usually by the second week of the year, most people have given up on the resolutions they made to improve their lives. Like the intentions to eat less junk food, watch less TV and exercise more was effortlessly sabotaged by a coupon for an $8 extra-large pizza and a free trial subscription to Showtime.

We totally understand.

But fear not! We all still have 50 weeks left to make 2018 an epic year.

And this is why Jennifer and I are so excited to share with you that Health Storylines has selected us to serve as Self-Care Ambassadors. Through this, we are helping to create a community where individuals encourage and empower each other to take good care of themselves. I mean, we all are in this together, right?

Over the next several weeks, we will post self-care challenges on our blog, and we encourage you to join the effort and track your progress. To do this, simply download the Health Storylines app or go to and set up a free account.

More than 40,000 others also use Health Storylines, where we can participate in mini health challenges together. The more people that join, the more that we are able to support each other in the journey to self-care.

After all, there is nothing more motivating than joining a community of people who are passionate about helping each other practice self-care.

With this, here is Jennifer and my first self-care health challenge for you:

Start your day by eating a sensible breakfast.

You’ve heard people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They weren’t lying.

This is why we’re challenging you to eat breakfast four of the next seven days. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal.

We’ve found that a little bit of food will gives us the energy we need to wake up and make it through the morning. Plus, when we eat breakfast, we avoid the risk of snacking our way throughout the morning or overeating at lunch.

To move forward with your first self-care challenge, track your progress through the Health Storylines app or website. We recommend that you use “my journal” to quickly indicate what you had for breakfast every morning. And please share your progress with us by commenting on our blog or through our Facebook page and using #selfcareMVMT

We wish you the best with your breakfast challenge, and here’s to making 2018 an epic year!

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