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"Look Who's Talking"

The following article appeared in the Morning Sun on Thursday, Oct. 14. It didn’t appear in the online version of the paper, so we’re reprinting it here. We look forward to sharing our stories to benefit the Mt. Pleasant Community Foundation Women’s Initiative—which provides for the needs of women and girls in Isabella County—through its annual…Continue Reading

'Every day, I embrace'

My days are numbered. Medical experts essentially tell me this all the time. I heard it most recently when I attended an MS conference last weekend hosted by the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. In not so many words, they said that most people with Multiple Sclerosis live with the relapsing-remitting form of…Continue Reading

Awesome advocacy experiences

Jennifer and I, along with her care coordinator Rochel Genge, R.N. and others from Region VII Area Agency on Aging, interacted with many elected state officials at the third annual Older Michiganians Day in Lansing on June 10. We even have photographic proof that we advocated for the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver Program through impromptu…Continue Reading

Our story in pictures

We wanted to share with everyone the link to an incredible multimedia package about us that is in the April 25 Morning Sun’s print and online editions. The project started when Morning Sun photographer Ryan Evon approached us about following us around to develop a photo essay for the area daily newspaper. This package represents…Continue Reading

Jennifer was right

Between a wall showcasing every major brand of running shoe in stock and a wall displaying the industry’s best wicking running apparel, the helpful salesman at Runners in Mount Pleasant squats and watches my feet as I walk back and forth on the uncarpeted section of the floor. His analysis of my gait determines that…Continue Reading

Enough of that question

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Have you enjoyed the last week? Busy celebrating with family and friends, I bet. So are you like me ­­- and I believe most Americans – a person who celebrates with food? Well my holidays were wonderful, but I’ll be honest with you: I’ve been celebrating since Halloween. Somehow,…Continue Reading


Well, I guess it’s time to face it. This Friday, November 6 is my 35th birthday. And yes, I am freaking out about it. I’m not exactly sure why, after all it’s just a number. But 35 is just a bigger number than I care (or are prepared) to be. Maybe it’s because this birthday…Continue Reading