MS Tip Tuesday: Enjoy D Sunshine

The other day we went out to the CMU baseball game to watch our Chippewas take on Northern Illinois. Hey, it was baseball, a Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining. Seriously. The sun was shining!

Since we were closed up all winter, we both agreed that this also would be a great opportunity for exposure to some much-needed sunlight. After all, according to a National Multiple Sclerosis Society report, previous studies found evidence that higher lifetime exposure to sunlight (through which the skin makes Vitamin D) and higher blood levels of Vitamin D may reduce a person’s risk of developing MS. In addition, two clinical trials are under way to determine the benefits of Vitamin D for people who have MS, which include reducing the frequency of MS relapses.

While this information could qualify as a helpful tip for this feature, we wanted to add something that goes further: Remember to use sunscreen as you soak up the rays (and Vitamin D) while enjoying the summer sunshine.


4 Responses to MS Tip Tuesday: Enjoy D Sunshine

  1. Your last paragraph brought up a situation I have pondered… Does wearing sunscreen/sunblock still allow the sun’s Vit D to enter?

  2. I’ve learned from a knowledgeable MS research advocate that sun block is exactly that, and thus wearing it keeps the Vitamin D out. She recommended taking a D supplement to be sure you get enough.


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