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Connecting MS to spring training

When I met Dan on September 28, 2002, I remember thinking that he was cute, charming and easy to talk to. He also had strong faith and understood the realities of life with Multiple Sclerosis.

As my mom and I drove home from the Finding Your Buried Treasure program where we met earlier that day, I kept hoping I’d see him again, soon! All of his great qualities were whizzing through my brain. But I didn’t want to get too excited. I was not getting my hopes up, which would save me from getting hurt.

And never mind the fact he was a Springsteen fan AND he liked baseball, both of which made me say, “Yuck!”

Who’s counting, but this was us before the last time we saw Springsteen in April 2016 at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Fast forward 15 years, and I’ve seen Springsteen in concert nine times and absolutely love his music. Crazy-addictive it is. And I went to a baseball game on my honeymoon … and it was MY idea! I guess the love of a good man can change a girl, right?

Now check this out: I was able to work with Dan to write a guest post for the Mango Health blog that ties staying in the game with a chronic illness (like MS) to the lessons learned at MLB spring training. A blog essay. By me. About baseball. Who is this woman? 😉

I hope you enjoy this, and we look forward to the arrival of spring Monday and the opening day April 2!

Meme MS inspiration

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Shaken, not stirred

My, how things change when you’re battling a chronic illness that literally and figuratively is inside your head. I went to Central Michigan University’s indoor track today and ran. For a couple laps. I ran three. Walked three. Ran four. Walked three. Ran four. Walked two. Nineteen laps total. Nine times around the track equals…Continue Reading

Musical birthday memories

“In Xanadu, did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree…” So sayeth Olivia Newton-John in one of my all-time favorite movies: Xanadu. I love this 1980 film that was billed as, “A Fantasy, A Musical, A Place Where Dreams Come True.” I love its music, storyline, the roller-skating, and its abundant cheesiness. And I love…Continue Reading

For You: Another open letter to Bruce Springsteen

We wrote an open letter to Bruce Springsteen before we saw him in concert a couple years ago. Assuming he didn’t get the letter (he didn’t play our request), we thought we’d try again for the concert coming up in a couple months… Dear Bruce Springsteen, As you scan the sea of signs surrounding the…Continue Reading