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Seeing all sorts of orange

As National MS Awareness Week comes to a close today, Dan and I are reflecting on the some of the highlights of the past seven days that will provide momentum for us — and you as well! — to keep celebrating March as MS Awareness Month.

I’ve been told a picture is worth a thousand words. Without further ado, here are photos to tell you all about the last week that was flooded with orange, the official color of MS.

Boom. Dan kicked off the work week at Central Michigan University with orange bread and MS Facts for his University Communication colleagues. The week’s treats included Puffy Cheetos Tuesday, Cutie Wednesday, orange slice and cheddar pretzel Thursday, and carrot cake cupcake Friday.
Dan’s coworkers got in the MS Awareness Week spirit with their orange ties and Walk MS T-shirts. The prize for the week, though, goes to student intern Joe Singer who sported his awesome orange pants and orange tie to match.
We were on a mission this week to connect with leaders in the Mount Pleasant community and increase MS awareness, with the help of orange bread, of course :-) Mission accomplished! We delivered loaves and had great conversations, starting with a Monday afternoon meeting with Central Michigan University President George Ross . . .
. . . followed by a Tuesday morning visit with Isabella County Administrator Margaret McAvoy . . .
Dan & Bret Hyble
. . . then a Wednesday morning visit with Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce President Bret Hyble . . .
. . . and finally a Wednesday afternoon meeting with Mt. Pleasant Mayor Jim Holton. Thanks to each of these leaders for taking the time to meet with us and learn more about MS and how it affects the lives of people within their community. ‪
On Tuesday, CMU released a story and video about us and our advocacy work. So humbling!
Dan was sure to rock his orange tie when he, along with his coworker Lisa, had the opportunity to meet and interview Daymond John (yeah, that’s Daymond from ABC’s Shark Tank!) who spoke at CMU Wednesday evening.
Thursday afternoon I enjoyed orange tea and more orange bread with our friend Peggy, who came over to our house to celebrate MS Awareness Week and page through our friend Cynthia’s newly released book, “Budget Travel for the Genius.”
Late Thursday afternoon, we received word that the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega from Grand Valley State University successfully completed their weeklong 160-mile walk from Grand Rapids to Traverse City to raise awareness and money for the National MS Society. Did I mention they raised money? How does more than $40,000 sound? Thanks, guys! You are amazing!!!
Bright and early Friday morning, Dan mixed red and yellow food coloring to smother the carrot cake cupcakes in orange cream cheese frosting deliciousness.
Dan and I helped to launch Healthline’s #HugsForMS campaign to raise money for the National MS Society. Keep reading this essay to see how your hugs can raise money too!

In honor of MS Awareness Month this month, Healthline is running a social media campaign called #HugsForMS to raise awareness and funds for MS research.

All it takes is a hug! Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Post a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of you hugging someone or something you love.

Step 2
Tag three friends in your photo and ask them to do the same.

Step 3
Include the hashtag #HugsForMS in your post.

Step 4
Healthline donates $10 to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

You must use #HugsForMS and tag three friends in your post for Healthline to donate the $10. (If you are submitting on Facebook you must tag Healthline’s Living Mutliple Sclerosis Facebook page).

For complete details visit Healthline. Thanks for anything you can do to share your pictures and get the word out to raise money for MS research and programs.

The week is over, but this party is just beginning. Have a fun and productive MS Awareness Month!

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