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Odds and Ends

Merriam‑Webster defines “odds and ends” as, “miscellaneous articles or remnants.”

This is a perfect title to capture all of the assorted bits I want to share on this chilly fall morning. First and foremost, Dan and I thank each and every one of you who shared kind thoughts and words consoling us after Cooper’s sudden passing. Our house is a little emptier. Who would have believed a 12-pound being would have such a presence?

But we are carrying on. Keeping busy helps. And this past month, we’ve been quite busy. Here is a glimpse into what we’ve spoken and written about.

Thanks to our friend (and former web master) Cynthia for coming from her home in Austin, Texas, to see us and taking this picture as we presented as luncheon keynote speakers.
Thanks to our friend (and former web master) Cynthia for coming from her home in Austin, Texas, to see us and taking this picture as we presented as luncheon keynote speakers.

Connecting in the Lone Star State
We had the opportunity to deliver the keynote address at the 10th annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society On The Move luncheon in Dallas, Texas, on October 14. Our presentation and stories were a main part of an incredible event that raised more than $112,000 to support MS research and programs. Read more about it in this Culture Map Dallas article that described us as “a tough act to follow.”

Posting on Mango Health Blog
We also were invited to write two guest essays for the Mango Health Blog. It always is an honor to share our thoughts on a site that strives to help people better manage their health. Check these out, and let us know what you think about our thoughts on these two issues:
• Representing Life with Disabilities on TV
• The Best Responses to Unsolicited Comments About Your Invisible Illness

Celebrating Halloween

Our 2016 Halloween costumes.

Speaking of odds and ends, we wish you a Happy Halloween from an “Odd Couple” 😉 And stay tuned for Dan’s upcoming essay here about how “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” has inspired his life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Discovering power in MS advocacy

Multiple Sclerosis possesses weapons that should make Dan and me feel powerless. Striking us with extreme fatigue. Weakening our limbs with constant numbness. Robbing me of my ability to walk. Powerless. But that’s not how we’ve rolled, both literally and figuratively, in our 10 years of marriage. Dan and I have lived to redefine what…Continue Reading

MS lessons learned on unwanted anniversary

When a child turns 18, that child is an adult, right? On his or her own. That’s the deal. Independence at eighteen. November 14, 2015, marked my 18 years. Time for my freedom. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Only one small thing: Freedom is not on my horizon. Even though I’m fully willing to…Continue Reading

Our 6 habits for marriage, MS and happily ever after

I guess this saying is true: better late than never. I’m only 6 days late. It’s less than a week, which really isn’t too bad. Of course, I cut myself some slack because I have Multiple Sclerosis, and late, well, that is how some of us MS-ers roll. For real, aren’t we ALL late at least…Continue Reading

Maintaining a social life and ADA accommodations

We felt bad and apologized when we asked other people to take care of things we have do each time we attend a public event. Welcome, friends. Our life can be such an inconvenience. Not that the people patiently handling our requests weren’t fully willing to help us. We just regretted having to ask them…Continue Reading

Manage MS fatigue on your own terms

According to, “Unexplained fatigue and weakness affect about 80 percent of people in the early stages of MS.” We’re tired of hearing about it. Sure, at the core we are among the aforementioned 80 percent dealing with high levels of low energy, exhaustion and weakness. It is easy to say that MS is the…Continue Reading

Jim Harbaugh and my MS

All this hype surrounding the University of Michigan potentially naming Jim Harbaugh as its new football coach got me thinking about my Multiple Sclerosis. No really, it did. Follow this train of thought that logically connects one of my biggest regrets to the Wolverines and their 1997 college football national championship. My story goes a…Continue Reading