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Mumma is 40

Yes, my Mumma is FORTY. And while Mumma may not have accomplished everything she planned at 39, like driving or seeing St. Louis, she and Dan sure have done some other great stuff this year.

They have spoken about their life and Multiple Sclerosis, the successes and challenges of the disease, in more places than I care to remember. They were in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Iowa, and do I even get a lousy T-shirt? NO!

Fine. I wouldn’t have wanted one anyway.

But perhaps one of the best things that has been keeping Mumma busy this year is her PT at Level 11 Physical Therapy. She has stood in their standing frame, done push-ups, and how cool is this? She even WALKED!

So proud of that. And so curious to see what Mumma does next?

With Dan by her side, the two of them are unstoppable…and no, that is not my challenge to MS. That stupid disease can leave them alone!!

This week’s inspiration comes straight from her PT (thanks, Nathan):

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I’M POSSIBLE.”

Oh, one more thing, honestly, I think a T-shirt might be nice 😉

Monday Evening Events with Cooper

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Monday Morning

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