Monday Evening Events with Cooper

Good evening, dear readers,

Forgive my twelve hour lateness, but while Mumma and Dan were away this cat sure did play. Writing just wasn’t a priority when I had the whole house to myself.

Yes, I enjoy being alone at times and yes, I hate being alone. And yes, I am a cat of contradictions. Now you understand why it isn’t easy being a cat?

But I do it so well!


So, back to them.

Mumma and Dan were being advocates, which is very important. They were getting their voices heard at a meeting at U.S. Representative Dave Camp’s office with his District Director Ryan Tarrant.

They were following up on issues they addressed when they visited Washington, D.C.

Here is information on the biggest issue they addressed, Complex Rehabilitation Technology. And check out Mumma’s essay on that topic that was handed to all of the Washington lawmakers.

Complex-Rehab-Tech-Leavebehind(1)_Page_1Complex-Rehab-Tech-Leavebehind(1)_Page_2And here is one final piece of inspiration from John Barrymore,

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you’d left open”

Have a great week!


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