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Foreshadowing – the organization and presentation of events and scenes in a work of fiction or drama so that the reader or observer is prepared to some degree for what occurs later in the work. Did you celebrate World MS Day on May 25? When I think back on my past life, I really wouldn’t…Continue Reading

Contributing to HealthCentral

A few weeks ago we received an exciting invitation to serve as regular contributors to HealthCentral, an online resource whose mission is to empower millions of people to improve and take control of their health and well-being. Along with our blog here, writing for HealthCentral will enable us to connect with even more people dealing…Continue Reading

The bathroom floor imprinted on my face

Yes, on my face. Couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Or so I thought. Right there on a break from my class, Dan was helping me to pivot in the Anspach Hall bathroom and SMACK! Profanity! Profanity! Profanity! And Tears … tears … tears. And that wasn’t just me. I heard profanity and tears…Continue Reading