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Our very Osmond anniversary

Call it convenient timing, but the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Michigan Chapter hosted its annual Women on the Move Luncheon Tuesday, Sept. 10, in downtown Detroit. It was the same day that Jennifer and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Hmmmmm …. The foundation of Jennifer and my story is that we met at a…Continue Reading

MS and a 6th grader’s vision

Ryan Backus hadn’t really heard of Multiple Sclerosis before March of this year. The Fancher Elementary School student was focused more on the activities and issues that typically concern 11-year-old boys. You know, things like making art, drawing pictures, playing baseball and hockey and rehearsing for the 6th grade Mock Rock event. But his not-so-typical…Continue Reading

A top story at 6

We encountered some surreal sorts of moments as the nation celebrated MS Awareness Week March 11-17. As part of this celebration Jennifer and I spent all day Thursday at Central Montcalm High School in Stanton, Mich., sharing our stories with six different classes of students. High school English teacher and our friend, Theresa, had invited…Continue Reading

Being orange

Step into my office. Or, better yet, step into our Springsteen room. Either way, you’ll immerse yourself in a sea of orange. It’s a strong citrus sort of color that screams, “LOOK AT ME!” but it’s lack of neon flare whispers, “i promise i won’t bite.” My consistent color palate at work and at home…Continue Reading

Straight ahead! (with MS)

I’m going to gripe about the same thing each time I watch a football game. Jennifer knows this. She just smiles and lets me gripe. Usually she chimes in to acknowledge she understands why I’m cursing the current stupid running back, wide receiver or kick returner. “Straight ahead!” Jennifer repeats as though she’s my pigskin…Continue Reading

Mind if we play through?

I enjoy that even with the challenges Jennifer and I face in living with MS, every day life is everyday life. The effects of these challenges  – including everything from her inability to walk to my constantly numb hands and feet – merely are par for our courses of this disease. It’s as though we…Continue Reading