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Speaking of Dan’s workplace accommodation

It wasn’t supposed to come to this: Me, asking for a workplace accommodation because of my Multiple Sclerosis. I was invincible for more than 17 years as the assistant director of publications at Central Michigan University. I even had an office on the second floor and never once flinched at repeatedly climbing two flights of…Continue Reading

Meme MS inspiration

You likely have seen a meme. Facebook, Twitter and other social media resources are chock full of these images or pieces of text intended to make people laugh, think or feel inspired and ultimately moved to share them with their friends and followers. We’ve tried our hands (and invoked the help of our talented friends…Continue Reading

Place your bet

The mid-September sun is shining at Jennifer’s back as she comfortably sits in the recliner. Well, sits as comfortably as she can when, for the last six hours, a blood pressure monitor has consistently squeezed her left bicep and an IV port inserted in her top right wrist has pumped chemicals of hope into her…Continue Reading

In front of Pharma in Philadelphia

In a less-than-silent protest Cooper is not posting his Monday morning blog this week. He’s extremely upset with Jennifer and me and made this known the second we got home late Thursday night. I kid you not: Cooper ripped off a litany of what I could only interpret as foul-mouthed meows to scold us for…Continue Reading

Let’s get political

Looking back on your past year (it’s standard protocol for any New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, right?), what events stand out as your highlights? Perhaps it was achieving a long-time goal such as losing weight, running your first 5K, quitting smoking or completing a house remodeling project. Or, maybe it was the vacation…Continue Reading

Our very Osmond anniversary

Call it convenient timing, but the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Michigan Chapter hosted its annual Women on the Move Luncheon Tuesday, Sept. 10, in downtown Detroit. It was the same day that Jennifer and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Hmmmmm …. The foundation of Jennifer and my story is that we met at a…Continue Reading