Our true love story

I always tell my interns to write tight. Make each word count.

I hope I make them proud with this post as I let the humbling work of others speak volumes.

See for yourself why Jennifer and I gratefully offer huge thanks to:

• Adam Miedema – our friend and my Central Michigan University colleague – for his vision to produce this video as a way to share our love story with others

• Cynthia Drake – another one of our friends and another one of my CMU colleagues – for her vision to include it with her story about Multiple Sclerosis in the latest issue of Centralight (CMU’s alumni magazine)

• You – who regularly visit our blog – and all of our friends and family who help us to reach our goals and move beyond the disease that brought us together

Onward, with love.

4 Responses to Our true love story

  1. The 2 of you inspire all of us through your activities and deeds. But I think that what really touches all of us is your great love and commitment to each other. That is certainly true for me.

    I firmly believe that circumstances have nothing to do with happiness and that having the right partner to share your life with as a lot to do with it.

    You keep loving and we will keep reading, watching and being inspired by you.



  2. Very touching story. Thank you for sharing such personal, heartfelt emotions! Keep inspiring others with your words & writings.
    Now please excuse me as my mascara is beginning to run.

  3. Sorry it took so long to let you know that your video is awesome! As you know, I have always said about your book that it is above all else a love story. This video is simply additional confirmation. Thank you for sharing your joy and hope with the world.

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