For these moments

Sitting out on the deck for the first time this spring, Jennifer and I enjoyed a lunch of grilled leftovers from a dinner with friends Saturday night.

Warmed-up hamburgers, hot dogs and straight-out-of-the-can baked beans never tasted so delicious.

Finally. We had a moment to catch up after three weeks of insanity that started with a trip back to Iowa for Easter and hasn’t let up since.

From traveling Iowa to writing four Health Central essays, to leading a team at an MS walk in Midland, to managing everything involved with the Stewardship celebration at church, to a making a trip to Jennifer’s neurologist in Ann Arbor, to leading a second team at an MS walk in Frankenmuth, to hosting our monthly dinner with a group of friends from church.

Oh yeah, and I have a full-time job writing and editing at CMU, and Jennifer has a full-time schedule managing everything at home. And did I mention that she also started working with a new physical therapist twice a week, and I’m preparing to run a 5K at the Alma Highland Festival next weekend?

But this morning, a break. At last.

Please understand that we love every ounce of the events and activities we pour ourselves into. This is exactly what we want. It’s as though we tell ourselves to stay busy. Keep active. Don’t give ourselves time to think about the fact that we have MS.

Sure, MS is always there, but we can’t let it stand in our way of living our lives.

And so we move forward with all that we have, striving to stay mentally and emotionally one step ahead of MS. At least, for these moments.


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  1. By the end of the paragraph detailing your journeys, I was almost gasping. Here’s the thing. I have a feeling that you two, like me, would be just as busy if not more were you healthy. I just think some of us have a drive to DO, whether it is beneficial or not. And you know what, I’m glad for it. If not for that drive, MS would have me flat on my back. So go for it!

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