Here is what people are saying about Dan and Jennifer and their presentations …

With Erika Dohrer-Smith at NMSS Upper Midwest Chapter’s Little Black Dress Brunch, 3/2/13
With Erika Dohrer-Smith at NMSS Upper Midwest Chapter’s Little Black Dress Brunch, 3/2/13

“Dan and Jennifer have an inspiring story about how to overcome the adversity involved with living with MS. They are strong communicators who connect well with all audiences and relate their advocacy to that of others. I would recommend you invite them to speak at your event and program as your organization would highly benefit from their message.” – Josh Palmer, president, CMU Program Board 

“Dan and Jennifer are incredibly genuine and their story is filled with lots and lots of heart. Their message focuses a lot on their battle of living with MS, but their message extends beyond and is applicable to a number of challenges we face as individuals and organizations. You will be inspired and moved by what they have to share.” – TJ Warren, Pathways Center Associate for Vocation and Mentoring, Wartburg College 

“Several of the audience members have had the pleasure of hearing you speak before. They were excited that you were returning. For the new attendees, I heard many wonderful comments following your talk. They were UPLIFTED.” – Jinny Cornett, programs manager, NMSS Kentucky/SE Indiana Chapter

“Be prepared to be deeply moved by Dan and Jennifer’s presentation. Their story is beautiful and unique and told in such a way that you can undoubtedly see the unconditional love they have for each other. Whether you’re affected by MS or not, their story is a timeless message of maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of adversity.” – Kelli Braun, community relations, Scheurer Hospital

Dan and Jennifer are magnificent ambassadors and activists for anyone living with MS. Their story and approach to life and each other is real, funny, challenging, encouraging, and spiritual. I cannot think of a better couple to represent the unique challenges and blessings facing our beloved family and friends currently living with this ridiculous disease.” – Kathy Ford, committee member, NMSS Upper Midwest Chapter Little Black Dress Brunch

“I think that the Digmanns’ humor, personalities, and positive message would be an asset to any organization’s program. I know that I will continue to remember their story and message of having a voice in the face of adversity.” – Corey Davis, programs manager, NMSS Upper Midwest Chapter

“Dan and Jennifer first presented at our annual Volunteer Center advocacy and student leadership conference at CMU several years ago, and they have been brought back by popular demand! Their story serves as a beautiful testimony to the power of love and perseverance. You will not want to miss this opportunity to have Dan and Jennifer educate and ignite the minds of your audience to think about their role as advocates and active citizens!” – Shawna Ross, director of Central Michigan University’s Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center

“They are the definition of inspiration. We were so lucky that Dan and Jennifer were able to spread their message and inspire the women of the YWCA to keep pushing forward and never give up no matter what barriers you face.” – Terry W., peer mentor for the YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region

“Dan and Jennifer very openly shared their story of how they met and how both of them having Multiple Sclerosis impacts their daily lives. Their presentation offers hope and inspiration to those living with MS and their families. Many audience members commented on how glad they were to hear someone finally tell it like it really is. Courageously honest sums it up.” – Rose Taylor, vice president of programs and services for the NMSS Michigan Chapter

“Jennifer and Dan Digmann’s engaging and positive delivery of their message personally speaks to every individual in the room.You can’t help but feel the ‘spark and sincerity’ between them.” — Judy Smith, co-chair, Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation Women’s Initiative, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

“No matter what venue or what demographic, Dan and Jennifer Digmann relate to all audiences. Their powerful story of living daily life with Multiple Sclerosis not only showcases their courage and positive outlook but is an example of how to face life’s challenges. I am never disappointed when inviting the Digmanns to a speaking engagement. Their ability to motivate while educating others about M.S. is truly phenomenal.” — Darcy Orlik, co-chair, Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation Women’s Initiative, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Jennifer and Dan Digmann are strong, supportive advocates of the MI Choice Waiver program. Their testimony and willingness to tell their story as a ‘normal’ married couple who just happens to have multiple sclerosis has had a dramatic impact on legislators, board members, and staff alike. Region VII Area Agency on Aging is grateful to have received the opportunity to know this outstanding, kind, loving and compassionate couple. – Kerry Williams, program director, Region VII Area Agency on Aging, Bay City, Mich.

“Dan and Jennifer did an excellent job presenting. They shared the facts of MS, but most importantly, they shared from their hearts.” Mark and Joann Johnson, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Dan and Jennifer have something else too. They have a tremendous spirit and attitude that propels them to make a difference in the world. As a result, they are an example to everyone who knows or knows of them.” – Michael Gerber, writer of the blog Perspective is Everything, Los Angeles, Calif.