Live Fully, Fight Back and Find Hope

Teaming up with the Jenkins Group in Traverse City, Mich., we launched our first nationwide campaign promoting our book, “Despite MS, to Spite MS.” The company worked with us to develop a targeted news release and this week distributed it to nearly 2,400 media outlets nationwide, including magazines, newspapers, websites and radio and television programs. We’ve had some positive responses and are hoping to continue developing interest in the book we wrote to help others. We feel the release that the Jenkins Group developed best captures the essence of our book, and we’re excited to share it with you here. In addition to several local bookstores, our book is available online at and Thanks to everyone who has encouraged our efforts, and we appreciate anything you can do to share our story with others who need support to live fully, fight back and find hope.


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One couple takes on the challenge of living with Multiple Sclerosis, providing inspiration for readers everywhere

From those with disabilities to their caregivers, and to everyday people facing everyday problems, Despite MS, to Spite MS empowers readers to live fully, fight back, and hope for the best.

“What a terrific book you have written. The experiences are powerful, subtle,
and understated so effectively. You mix the deadly serious and humor with the
best of authors.”
∼ Ron Primeau, Ph.D.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, more than 400,000 Americans (and more than two million people worldwide) are living with Multiple Sclerosis. Dan and Jennifer Digmann, authors of Despite MS, to Spite MS, have had MS for a combined total of over 25 years. The book is their story—their trials, their triumphs, and their constant battle for health and happiness.

“We know from firsthand experience that when people are diagnosed and when they continue to live with MS or other chronic conditions, it can be quite depressing and overwhelming,” Jennifer says. “Many times, all it takes is an encouraging voice or reallife story to help you put things into perspective, discover an inner strength you never knew you had, and realize you’re not facing your challenges alone.”

The Digmanns have created a powerful book that is part love story, part healthcare narrative, and part self-help piece. Despite MS, to Spite MS contains blog-inspired essays written by both Dan and Jennifer, along with inspirational poems from MS poet Judy Williams.

Dan and Jennifer use their experience as public speakers to create an honest and moving portrait of life with MS. Through the tough times (Jennifer losing her ability to walk) and the moments of beauty (the couple’s first dance, Dan’s completion of an 8K race), the Digmanns retain their positive attitude and their desire to make each day better.

Despite MS, to Spite MS has been highly praised by medical professionals, self-help leaders, caregivers, and readers dealing with MS and other chronic diseases. The book has also been used as a textbook for classes on disability theory. Portions of the proceeds from Despite MS, to Spite MS benefit the National MS Society and Camp Courageous of Iowa.

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Authors: Dan and Jennifer Digmann’s mission is to do as much as they can through writing, speaking, and fully living life to empower other people to move beyond whatever challenges they face. Each year, Dan and Jennifer share stories as inspirational keynote speakers, advocate for healthcare initiatives that support the disabled and chronically ill, and raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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  1. Judy says:

    Wow, what an exciting development. I hope it makes a huge difference. Thanks for the shoutout. I’ve always said you guys have taken me on a most unexpected but thrilling ride. I’m grateful to be in the back seat witnessing it all.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks, Judy. Your support has made such an incredible difference for us, and you voice puts you right up in the front seat with us :-) There’s a promising development coming, and I’ll email you when it’s confirmed! Dan

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